Custom Instrumentals

  • We'll work with you to create an instrumental tailored to the specific sound you want to achieve.
  • We'll professionally mix the instrumental (including a loud master) at a reduced mixing rate.
  • Most songs in the catalog can be tweaked to your liking
  • Two arrangement revisions provided at no cost.

Instrumental and Vocal Collaboration

  • Looking for a jazzy or rockin' saxophone lick to polish your track? We can deliver in no time!
  • Looking for male/female soul, R&B, pop, or rap vocals to enhance your song or promote your beat? We offer this too!
  • Looking to work with one of our artists specifically? Contact us


  • We'll mix your already recorded song to professional standards and provide a free loud master in case you aren't using a mastering engineer, or are publishing with us.
  • Two revisions provided at no cost.


  • Are you in the Charleston area? If so, we can record vocals, guitar, keyboard, bass, and a few other live instruments.

Email Tyron for more information.